Samsung developing MP3 player with XM radio

I just posted the article Samsung developing MP3 player with XM radio.

One thing that I demand in an MP3 or any portable
music player is radio. So mine has FM which is fine for me. But, for those that
are in an area that FM isn’t an option, or if you already…

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It’s widely observed by many I’ve spoken with that XM pales in comparison to Sirius. I subscribed to XM for over 2 years (based on its $9.99 monthly) and slowly grew disenchanted with its programming. I compared services and have been enjoying the Sirius service for 9 months. I did, however, have difficulty with the Sirius boombox/car kit; faulty reciever, and although the boombox was nice looking it lacked desperately in sound quality, so I bought my wife a *Starmate reciever and hooked it up in her car and she’s sound as a pound. I hope Samsung tries for a better sounding unit than what’s currently available…

Quote the difference. I’ve had XM for over a year and a half and to me this is GREAT news. I love my XM programming quite a bit.