Samsung desktop LCDs are also TVs

I just posted the article Samsung desktop LCDs are also TVs.

Samsung is now shipping a pair of computer monitors that try their very best to function as HDTVs, too.

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This is not a wholly new concept from Samsung. The first LCD I bought back in '00 or '01 was a Samsung SyncMaster 170MP which had 2 additional video inputs and a TV tuner as well (though not digital) and I paid about $1000 for it at the time. As I have ended up watching tv through the PC anyway I haven’t made much use of the tuner in a seperate fashion, but it’s a nice extra option to have if necessary. Actually I found the video inputs more useful.

It also bears mentioning that when I bought it, it was simply because it was the most gorgeous picture in the store. Though I somewhat reluctantly broke a long standing Sony tradition when I purchased it, I have never regretted my decision - A fter seeing some of Samsung’s latest offerings I think a new tradition may be in order.