Samsung D163B W/ Kreon Preloaded doesn't recognize RiDATA & Philips DVD+R DL



Hi, I can successfully backup a original XBOX 360 game using Xbox Backup Creator with the drive, but when i put in a blank RiDATA and Philips DVD+R DL discs to burn the ISO file, the drive doesn’t recongize the discs. In XBC it states that “Media Type Not Present”. Is this due to the drive or is this due to the media?


Isn’t the D163B only a DVD-ROM drive, not a DVD burner?


O … I think you are right, I didn’t even noticed that… hahaha Thanks


Even if it can’t burn, it should still recognize the disc tho correct?


No, as there’s nothing written to the disc. DVD-ROM drives usually can’t tell much of anything about blank writable media.