Samsung comes with Flash MP3 Player (128 or 256 MB) and FM radio

I just posted the article Samsung comes with Flash MP3 Player (128 or 256 MB) and FM radio.

 Seoul, Korea'”April 16th 2003: Samsung Electronics  expects its new YP-55 MP3 players to take the 2003 Korean market by storm. The  new products are available with either 128MB of onboard memory...
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i own 5 WOW box’s. i am e-jaying at a big miami club with only my computer - everything gets funneled from the soundcard through the wow box which costs me $20 online from them. it is about time an mp3 player came out with it installed in its hardware. the input is great - recording in 320kbps sounds great even when transfered to the pc & converted to wave. even 192kbps sounds great (or acceptable). this is a cool unit to have - but i wish it accepted an external firewire or usb2.0 drive to play from & record to besides the internal flash memory - it would make a great car player.