Samsung claims to market worlds smallest MP3 player

I just posted the article Samsung claims to market worlds smallest MP3 player.

It could be even smaller if it weren’t for the battery. This may or may not be the smallest, but it is right in there with the best of them. This technology we have now is amazing. Without…

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Now we’re talking! This makes the iPod mini look positively gargantuan. Although 512Mb is pretty small these days, to squeeze it into something this tiny is seriously impressive. If they could just squeeze an FM radio in instead of MP3 encoding and the sh***y SRS WOW (read: fake 3D effect), that would make it almost perfect. [Expletive modified]
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At least Samsung are thinking about its customer base when it comes to developing portable audio devices. The players look nice :slight_smile: Most of the others have seem to be risking their business by focusing on the music industry’s interests (DRM implementation/enforcement, etc.) and going against their customer’s interests.

WOW thats the shiznit haha. My Creative MuVo is only 128 mb but im still happy with it. Now this is way better than the MuVO.:g

How much £££?