Samsung CD ROM SC-148F analog/digital

Am running win 98 and have a Samsung CD ROM SC-148F which has in the past been used only for data. I recently installed a sound card and am using Windows Media Player 9.0. When attempting to play music CDs, am receiving a message “Windows Media Player encountered an error when reading the CD-ROM drive in digital mode. Click “OK” to switch to analog mode. Click cancel to retry in digital mode” Windows Media Help directed me to modify the drive by using the “Tools” ,“Options” and “Devices” but clicking on the CD Rom produces no result. Has anyone encountered this problem and can help me to resolve this?

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Most probably you need additional sound card drivers. Visit also MS WMP9 homepage for support, compatibility questions and additional updates/ codex.

BTW, Win-98 sounds kind’a old.

You jogged my memory. The sound card installation is not yet completed. Perhaps the problem. Connection from card to CD-Rom to be done. Sooooo appreciate it. Thanks a mil