Samsung CD-R Drive Problems

I bought an emachines T4150 in december and ive recently run into some problems with my burner (specs in my sig). It can burn Data CDs fine, but when it comes to even handling Music CDs it flops. The last 2 seconds are often cut out in listening/burning and recently ive tried to burn an audio cd with it and it wrote the first track twice and didnt record the second one! So now im forced to use a little 2x Toshiba cd-rom drive (cause im still waiting for a summer job) to rip my music. Any thoughts on how to fix it?

Ive used multiple burning programs (roxio easy cd creator 5, cloneCD, Windows Media Player) all on a freshly formated drive, with/without an ASPI layer, using Feurio! and Music match jukebox to rip and nothing works.

(i am still under warranty, but in order to get it fixed id have to send it back for a month before they begin fixing it and since im a webmaster now i cant afford to be computerless now)

well first off SCREW easy cd creator, use NERO

see what happends then :slight_smile:

p.s. use a cd-rw disk to test it out so u dont waste cd-r’s :slight_smile:

get back with with me and tell me what happends :slight_smile: