Samsung causes Plextor and others trouble

Hello all. Well, I’ve got 2 Plextor drives: The PX-116A DVD ROM drive and a PX-W5224A CDRW drive. Now, a friend of mine which has a Samsung SW-252FEAB drive, burns CDs for me all the time.

However, I am having a badass time reading his CD’s. My DVD drive wont read them at all, my CDRW will but if I try to copy the contents onto my HD, it locks up after about 70% has been completed. I’ve also tried ripping the CD and reburning but alas to no success.

Sceptical as I am, I was curious as to whether my very nice Plextor drives were just behaving badly or if he had a serious burning issue. So I stuck a CD in my ancient laptop from 4 years ago which has a Toshiba DVD drive in it with Redhat Linux, and it couldn’t do it either. So, what do u think? Is it my drives or do u think that Samsung needs to go back to the drawing board?

He uses Nero 6, always DAO burning. Appreciated for any new light shed on this. Thanks.

Hi and welcome! :slight_smile:

I don’t think you could blame only the drives in this case. I would blame the media, most likely this problem would go away by using better media (Taiyo Yuden, mitsubishi etc) as many cheap CD-R disc brands may cause problems like this.