Samsung burner w/nero and shrink problem

To any who can help.
I have a samsung dvd brnr that is 16x and has worked fine. However now I seem to be getting movies that come out that either wont work on some dvd players or that jump around and are blocky. It seems to be happening when I burn anything higher than 2x. I have shrink and a pretty recent update to nero. I also use dvdfab and pgcedit for the more difficult titles. But dycrypting isnt the problem. And I dont get any errors, just bad discs. Could my burner just suck?
If you could help Id appreciate it, thanks

Maybe it´s a media problem, what media do u use?

Please post the model number of your Samsung burner.

Well right now Im using Imation dvd-r 8x discs, my burner is a ts-h552b samsung 16x dual layer burner.

So is this a media problem or a lousy burner? I have updated my firmware (u10) it didnt seem to really change anything. Im wasting discs, please help…

I would try with better & supported media.

I agree to chef try differnt media. I´d preffer Verbatim.

I will try that, I have 60 of these left so I wiil have to take the good with the bad.
thank you for your help… If I were to purchase a new burner, what do you guys recommend?

Depends on what you are after, but in my top 3 there are Pioneer 111, NEC 455x/457x and Benq 165x now.

thank you, I will check those out.