Samsung burner are good for DVD quality scan?

I bought some DVD sold as Verbatim, but I think its maybe fake…

now, the problem is that I burn these DVD with Pioneer 109 and Pioneer burner are not good at all for the test of DVD (Nero CD-DVD Speed doesn’t support Pio burner and other software are not reliable with these burners)

so, I should test these DVD with some other burner… AFAIK the best for check and scan are Liteon and NEC burners, but I haven’t any of these

if I scan the DVDs with a samsung burner the results “should” be reliable?

thanks a lot :iagree:

I personally prefer BenQ DVD burners for PIE/PIF scanning to Lite-On and Pioneer burners. Some people like PX-712 or PX-716 most for quality scanning (which I don’t have.) Some recently released Samsung DVD burners especially those with Mediatek chipsets support scanning and they work nearly like Lite-On DVD burners for both writing and scanning. It didn’t work, and never worked for me though I have three Samsung DVD burners, but the scan results I’ve seen seem to suggest they are reliable scanners. Well, if you had to buy a Samsung DVD burner instead of BenQ or NEC or Lite-On, that is. :slight_smile:


Liteon seems to be very reliable, the scans do not show big differents when you scan one media repeatedly.

But a Benq 1640 can show the jitter, what a Liteon or Samsung can´t. If you buy a Benq, you have a good scanner and a good writer, too.

Plextor are good scanners, but you need much time for scanning and it´s very expensive