Samsung BlueRay Player



I hope that I have selected the right forum, for this question, Sorry if its not but here goes, I am planning to buy the Samsung BD-P 1500 BlueRay Player I found out that this player doesnot support DVD+R Disc ! Is this true? Or have they corrected this? My collection of disks are DVD+R. Or does this player plays them with problems? Should I look for another brand that supports all media? Thank you any help in this matter…

Sontog :eek:


The specs doesn’t say about DVD+R. But I’m sure it can play since their dvd player can play DVD+R/-R.

Well someone says it can play DVD+R/-R no problem


Thank you, zaina, for your info, I also checked your link, good info, I called Samsung support, and tryed to get info, could not talk to someone technical, about the newest update and what it does,This was before I read your post, I guess the best thing for me to do is take a disk with me before I buy the player and see the results? Think that would work?


Yeah you can try testing it in a store display.


There aren’t any media support issues with any of the players that I’m aware of. Just the typical issues with various brands.