Samsung Blu-ray players officially get Netflix

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Samsung has officially added support for high-definition streaming content through Netflix for its BD-P2500 and BD-P2550 standalone Blu-ray players.
Netflix announced last month that it Samsung…

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Well I for one think that this is super cool so long as they dont charge anything extra for the streaming… It would be like having an on demand movie subscription through the cable company…

This is smart as you need an Internet connection anyway for the BD Live, updates to firmware etc, so it is likely to be taken advantage of by the end user, since it takes no special effort. To stack Netflix on top of the player for impulse buys makes good sense. The Samsung player is highly rated as well around the 'Net- so this gives added value to an already decent product.

Crabby, I couldnt agree more… Normally I would bash Blu-Ray, but this players ability to stream movies from Netflix, up-convert DVD’s and, ahem, play Blu-Ray titles makes it an attractive device at an affordable price…