Samsung Blu-ray players get Netflix support

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Samsung and Netflix today issued a joint statement in which Samsung announced select Samsung Blu-ray players will have the ability to play streaming movies and TV shows through Netflix.The Samsung…

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Smart move by Netflix. It’s good to see the company realizes that they need to adapt to the digital media movement, and not rely on DVDs.

LG, Microsoft and Samsung so far; I wonder which manufacturer will be next, and how many more Blu-ray players will get Netflix support in the future.

Now if only Netflix would offer the Watch Now feature through the PS3…

That’s wonderful, except like other products (amazon mp3/kindle, hulu) it isn’t available outside of the US. This might not seem like a huge deal, but it can’t exactly become a global standard without global access. At least iTunes started in the US then expanded to other markets.

I guess there is no need for Netflix to stay in the US when it comes to streaming indeed! Are there people not from the US who can tell us if they have something similair? And is there someone here already owning a box with Netflix streaming? Sounds interesting to have :bigsmile: