Samsung Auto Backup crashes



I have been using the Samsung Auto Backup since I bought my Samsung External HDD S2 Portable 3. I have used a clean up utility and now my Auto Backup does not run. I have uninstalled and re-installed it several times but it seems to start but it does not open and the Windows 7 “turning round small circle” becomes to flicker but does not open it. At times I receive “ISFTimerD does not exist - check up”. I have been on this issue 3 days without success. The Help opens - and even when the HDD is not connected it says " I cannot find the HDD". That cleaner have deleted some important file which does not leave Auto Backup to open - but since I have uninstalled it and re-sinstalled it, whatever was deleted should have been settled. So I think the trouble is with a shared .dll file or other - I use Windows 7 Enterprise - Samsung Auto Backup is compatibile with is this OS. Could you be kind enough to help me solve this issue because I like Auto Backup - it used to work perfectly but now it’s giving me trouble. I would be obliged for your help - Thanks and regards. B. Vella