Samsung are TY's for sure on Rima and ACCA?

Anyone notice that on Rima and ACCA, they now have the media code listed for their Samsung media as YUDEN000T01.

I take it this pretty much should guarantee that when you receive themt they will be TY’s and not the lesser quality OR4’s. 100 pack of these from either place is only $68 which isn’t bad at all in my book for quality TY’s.

I did get burnt from newegg once though when I ordered a pack of these and they came in as OR4’s, but thats just the chance you take.

So what do you think, I’d say its pretty much guaranteed you will receive TY’s since they list it right in the item description.

I bought a 50 pack of these a couple of days ago and just got them last night. They are TY’s just exactly as they advertise.

$5 more and you get guranteed TY. I don’t think its really worth the risk since I already got burned from the samsungs on newegg.

Where do you see guaranteed TY’s for $5 more?? sells TY discs in bulk packs (silver or printable tops / no brand name printed on them). Heres a link to their TY 8x DVD-R

Ah I see, you are referring to DVD-R’s…I pretty much only buy DVD+R’s these days as my home theatre DVD player prefers DVD+R media much more.

Are there any good places to buy TY DVD+R at this time. I looked at Supermediastore and Rima and both have TY’s out of stock.

supermediastore still has the printable TY DVD+R in stock:

And don’t forget my original point of this thread, the Samsung TY DVD+R media sold at Rima and ACCA are suppose to be guaranteed TY media and you know thats high quality…and at only $68 for 100 pack you really can’t beat it.

The Samsung TY I got from Newegg were not High quality, I’m not sure if they were a bad batch, but I’m not gonna buy anymore to find out. They would have a wierd spike at 1 meg then it would kinda drop after that

i got 100 from rima (ordered last week and received yesterday). they are infact TY. however, as i posted in an earlier thread, they indicated that their supply of ty samsungs may be limited. definitely email them before ordering. they responded to me pretty quickly.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004 5:58 PM
Thank you for considering as your online supplier. Our current
supply of #1699 is the YUDEN000T01. This supply should last about 1 week. We
cannot gaurantee the media code on our next shipment as these codes change
from time to time.

Sorry, they are $79 which is $11 more. My mistake on the price.

Yeah but the bad part is they are out of stock, and I doubt they will be getting in much more 4x TY media since the market is pretty much shifting to 8x or faster media :frowning: