Samsung announces new consumer level SSD line, the EVO 840

We’ve just posted the following news: Samsung announces new consumer level SSD line, the EVO 840
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This is going to be an interesting new stick to beat pricings with. We’ve seen a rather incredible 2-month absence of 1Tb Velociraptors and now that they’re back in the supply chain, they’ve added $30 to their volume price! And the other Veloc’s added $10-20.

So, having another highly-regarded name-brand SSD approach the 1Tb storage threshold might offer downward pressure on the performance-HDDs.

Part of this phenomenal SSD will have a new controller called the MEX, and also the new Samsung Magician ( 4.2) will have included a software made by Nvelo Software (NVMe), RAM related, that will give the write speeds a big boost. From what I have read there will be a 16gb layer of SLC nand and the rest will be TLC, but that’s not in stone, just comments from my readings. I can’t say I am not really looking forward to this because I was really impressed with Microns M500 1Tb SSD and this has their specs beat by a mile, but we will have to wait and see.:wink: Now that the 1TB SSD has come into the production with two offerings from 2 of the biggest suppliers in the world, I really believe it wont be long until 2 and 3 TB SSDs are here to stay. This is just my humble opinion, I know nothing about this , just envisioning a future without spinners. LOL.

Great news Kerry56, and thank you for letting us know about this new SSD,