Samsung announces 64GB chip, 32GB microSD

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I’ve been waiting for these mythical 32GB microSD cards to be released. Now to wait until they’re a reasonable price before scooping one up!

that’s nice… but the sdhc (standard) is supposed to stop @ 32gb… it’s common knowledge that the new standard sdXc will overlap the 32/64gb capacities. these new capacites make everything from cell phones to camcorders & laptops really not need a hard drive anymore as a primary access device, though most netbook makers haven’t figured out that they could modify the bios to support a card slot as the boot “drive” instead of getting ripped off from SSD drive makers… there are just a FEW more memory card makers than there are SSD drive makers, I think so competition would help if these netbook makers would make a small manufacturing decision which COULD bring the price of netbooks under $200 again for a 32gb capacity. then you could mount a 2+ terabyte drive(s) via usb proided the o/s supports it.