Samsung announces 1080i Blu-ray player for April

I just posted the article Samsung announces 1080i Blu-ray player for April.

We did post a press release yesterday on this, but now we have an semi-official launch date. Most of the manufacturers are thinking of putting their Blu-ray players on the…

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you know they really think that when we walk down the street money is just falling out of our pockets,what about the average guy like me who has an average home theater system,no plasma,no lcd,but a nice 32inch regular tv,this is just prime for me,i need to take action,im going to hire howard stern as my lawyer,:X

it’s easy it’s called WAIT!!!. This is not a product for the average poor joe. It’s for the rich kids who have a few grand to spend on a hdtv theater system. It’s not for the guy with a 32in standard def tv. Why do people think this is supposed to be a sub 100 dollar item? It’s brand new and it needs a lot of cpu power to run. If 1,000 dollars is to much then don’t buy it now and just wait. That is what they expect you to do anyhow. They expect a small group of people to buy now so the price goes down in a year or two so you can buy it for 100-150 bucks in 2-3 years which gives the product longevity and not just a fly by night fad.

I agree. How many people remember the first VHS recorder sold by RCA in the mid 70’s for a cost of $850. Never have I seen electronics’ prices increase over time.:wink:

I won’t buy any player or projector/TV that doesn’t support 1080p. Period. And I’ll wait a bit for the price to come down. Initial prices are for rich gadget-heads anyway.

All the other BD Players support 1080P, Samsung need to think twice!

while there are 1080p players out there they are about twice as expensive as samsung. 1st gen players might not support the full feature sets of bd; there are very little 1080p supported tv set in us. save money if you cannot wait to get bd player, get this, then upgrade your equipment later with the saving which would be enough to get 3rd gen player :wink:

I completely agree that the lack of 1080p is pretty stupid. If Samsung wants to show off how awesome (according to it) Blu-Ray is, it should release a reference level player with 1080p, as well, in order to draw more attention to the brand. Even though I’m angry at Sony for their CD DRM and the DRM on Blu-Ray, the type of product launch I’m thinking of is Sony’s first retail SACD player that cost $5,000 and weighed a ton, although I don’t remember if Sony released a cheaper version at the same time, or a few months later.

I own a samsung that doesn’t have 1080p and I wish I had known before, I wouldnt have wasted my money. I recently purchased some nice doodads, along with an xbox 360 HD cord, now I can’t even watch the friggin movies I bought in HD (Planet Earth being the biggest fun point for me). I wish I had known, instead of wasting my money on HD formats I dont see anyone f’in using. joe