Samsung announce SSD T1 USB3 external SSD



We’ve just posted the following news: Samsung announce SSD T1 USB3 external SSD

Today at CES 2015, Samsung unveiled the Samsung Portable SSD T1 USB3 SSD, a stylish portable solid state drive (SSD). Designed for speed and security without sacrificing style.

Powered by Samsung’s proprietary 3D Vertical NAND (V-NAND) technology, the Portable SSD T1 is a high-performance memory storage device, and I hope to be able to bring you a full review once I can get my hands on a review sample.

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Does it use MLC or TLC flash?


I expect TLC, they are fast, reliable and cheap.


I’m pretty sure, but at this time can’t confirm that it will use TLC NAND, but it is 3D V-NAND so expect excellent endurance.

I’m also pretty sure that the drive supports USB3 UASP mode, so it will be very fast for a USB device, and support queue depths.


I cant wait to get one. Now all my USB 3 devices will be old tech LOL.