Samsung and Kproben

I just received a Sammy SH223 , cannot get it to work with Kprobe. I also have a Sammy 203 that works fine with Kprobe. Any ideas as to why?


you should have specified your drive more precisely :wink:
Some 22x Sata drives have non-MTK chipsets, thus these are not supported by Kprobe (and CD/DVD Speed).


The Samsung that works with Kprobe is SH203n, the one that does not is Sh 223b. Thanks for the reply.

Same problem with my samsung SH-S223B SB02.
I’m trying to do the BLER test I hear the drive starting to spin but than a Result.txt right pops up:

Date : 06/11/2010 03:47:27
Model : 3-1-0-0 D:TSSTcorpCDDVDW SH-S223B SB02
Disc : CDR (A+) , 972666:795971 [CMC Magnetics Corporation]
Speed : Max
Scanned range : 0:2:0 (0) - 00:02:00 (0)
C1 Max : 0
C1 Average : 0.0
C1 Total : 0
C2 Max : 0
C2 Average : 0.0
C2 Total : 0
I’m using windows 7 32bit.

any idea ?

Hi and Welcome!

Kprobe is very old software and it additionally installs fossile Adaptec ASPI drivers - I am not sure if this is a good idea on NT6.x (Vista and 7) based systems :eek:
If this driver does not crash Windows, it has problems with some Sata connected drives. You may configure Kprobe to not use ASPI and see if that works for you. Otherwise try Nerö Disc Speed (or CD/DVD Speed). Some registry tweaks are required then - see the FAQ for details.

Additionally, you should be aware, that Samsung DVD writers are nearly “blind” if they are used to scan CD media. The results from these scans are rather useless.