Samsung aims to make 2014 smart TVs even smarter



Those of you who buy a Samsung smart TV in 2014 should find it easier to flip channels, open apps, and run other tasks.

Samsung has fine-tuned its voice interaction service, which helps you control the TV through natural language voice commands. As one example, the current crop of Samsung smart TVs force you to utter two commands to change the channel: “Channel Change” and “Channel Number.” Next year’s sets will require you to speak just the channel number.

You’ll also be able to use voice shortcuts to open a Web site or app, according to Samsung. And when you search by voice for certain information, such as weather, stock prices, and sports scores, a window will pop up with search results. The voice feature will expand to 12 more markets next year for a total of 23 countries.




Next year’s sets will require you to speak just the channel number.

Try watching a lottery draw or a business channel with this setting turned on! :bigsmile:


I don’t want a voice command TV, but it would be “nice” if I could watch things on my HBO-Go account without using my computer.

What would be nicer is being able to access my HBO-Go account with a “smart” Bluray player…

Currently only SOME Samsung Smart TV’s allow you to access HBO-Go


Samsung’s probably right now wondering when Apple’s first 4K TV and 4K iPad running iOS 8.0 will appear. That will force Samsung to work closer with Google and Microsoft.