Samsung accidently reveals 4TB SSD of unannounced 860 PRO series

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An entry on the Samsung website reveals that the company plans to sell a 4TB SSD in its yet unannounced 860 PRO series. Earlier also the 860 EVO series SSDs were accidently revealed when they appeared in the Serial ATA Interoperability testing database.

Regardless they still cost a Leg and Arm for them though.

Good grief that’s pricey. We need 8TB for $499…

If we look at the pricing on RAM and also NAND, we can see that they have gone up, and some of this has to do with the demand from mobile phone makers.
I also dont see the price drop anytime soon. As for the 4TB SSD, will for most people will only dream about this drive, the rest of us would be happy with a 512GB to 1TB drive, those are relatively affordable and offer a lot of space, and most importantly great speeds.

I have some 1TB-SSDs, most for data I have to work with it (Videocuts), but for data storage and backup I still use HDDs, even 5400rpm is fast enough for this

I agree, for storage only any 5400RPM HDD will do this job. For the rest I am sure that most people that do audio/video editing will invest on a large SSD.

That’s true, although it still benefits normal users as increases in capacity normally indicate improvements in technology which filter down as price reductions, increases in efficiency, or both, for smaller drives.