Samsung 960 Pro M.2 NVMe 1TB SSD Review



We’ve just posted the following review: Samsung 960 Pro M.2 NVMe 1TB SSD Review[newsimage][/newsimage]

The Samsung 960 Pro features the new Samsung Polaris SSD controller, coupled to Samsung’s 3rd generation 48 layer V-NAND.

Is the new Samsung 960 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD the new performance champion?
Let’s find out in this review.

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This is one seriously impressive drive! :eek:



Wow Wendy great review, as Wombler said, impressive drive.:wink:


The prices are starting to dive now on the 950 Pro M.2 512gb, less than 290.00 bucks on Newegg today. Even though the 960 Pro M.2 is a lot faster, I am going to stick with the 950 m.2 I have a U.2 slot and an M.2 slot on my motherboard, so its not like I can use them both, (960 and 950), the SSDs have become so fast, I am satisfied with the old Sata ones. More bang for your buck. The Samsung 850 Pro 1TB is the best deal right now. ( less than 320 bucks for a TB of space.)


Does anyone have an angle grinder and an oxyacetylene torch so I can fit one of these drives into my laptop? :eek: The SSDs are only getting better and better.