Samsung 8x DVD-Rs

I saw a 10 slimline pack of these discs for £4 in a local stationery shop. So I thought, why not?

I’ve burned a couple of these discs and done some disc quality scans with Nero CD/DVD Speed. I haven’t heard much about OPTODISCR008 in this forum but I’m not sure if the scans below mean that they’re good or bad.

And also, here is the disc sleeve art:

Incidentally, as can be seen from the sleeve art, these are Made in Taiwan.

I’ll be posting the box art here soon.

The first scan looks fairly good but there’s an alarming rise in the jitter towards the edge, I would expect stability to be an issue with these long-term. The second scan is shaky but should work fine NOW at least. But a few months from now, I particularly don’t like the jitter rising steadily to the edge and the impact it may have on future readability. I have used Optodisc OR8, the +R variety of their discs. Most burned very well, but consistency isn’t great, some brands/batches worked great, others not so good. Stability wasn’t a problem but Optodisc is average media at best overall I would say. They’d be fine for discs you’d give away, temporary storage, etc. - important data I would find something better to use.

Got the box art below.