Samsung 840 EVO 750GB SSD Review

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Last week, I took a look at the Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD. Today I’m checking out its big brother, the 840 EVO 750GB. The 750GB has 9GB of emulated SLC NAND, 6gb more than the 840 EVO 250GB, and 8 NAND chip packages in the NAND array, so it should be faster than the 840 EVO 250GB
But is it?
Let’s find out in this review.

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Congrats Wendy on another fantastic review, this SSD is most probably on its way to most retail online distributors now. I see the 250gb and the 500gb flavors online for tremendous prices, much more than the MSRP. But like SSDs before, when they get into the pipeline things will settle out. I cant wait to aquire mine.
Again, great review and now I know what to expect from this new drive in the SSD arena.;):wink:

Great stuff - just a bit too pricey for me…yet. :wink:

I never thought I’d even consider a TLC NAND drive, but here we are… this looks good.

This is one of the most interesting reviews I’ve read in ages and it’s amazing what Samsung has been able to get out of this performance wise.


Samsung has released a new version of the Magician software (version 4.2.1), which also includes a new version of the ‘Rapid’ driver.

Last update 13/09/17 12:00
TLC 64Gb 8192Mx8 US$3.71
MLC 128gb 16384Mx8 US$15.41
MLC 64Gb 8192Mx8 US$4.87
MLC 32Gb 4096Mx8 US$3.27
MLC 4Gb 512Mx8 US$2.93

SSD drives made of TLC 8192Mbit chips offer a bit lower cost per GB than those made of MLC chips.
Contract prices are lower.

TLC 128Gb 16384Mx8 US$6.66
TLC 64Gb 8192Mx8 US$3.60
MLC 128Gb 16384Mx8 US$9.00
MLC 64Gb 8192Mx8 US$4.38

SSD drives made of TLC 16384Mbit (16Gb) chips are likely to offer the lowest cost per GB. It’s Gigabit, not Gigabyte. It requires 8 units of 16384Mbit chips to make a 128GB SSD. There are also chipsets, boards, chassis, cables, boxes, manuals, etc. to make SSDs, but the NAND flash chips represent over half of the total cost in most cases except when it’s outrageously priced for retail consumers.

They are average prices posted on the web for all the world to see so they may not reflect reality properly.

It’s only reasonable to expect the next-iteration (probably 850?) of Samsung TLC SSD drives will be both faster in terms of sequential and random read and write speeds of small and large files and cheaper in terms of cost per GB.

Ken, thanks.

It’s interesting to see that the 64Gb are less than half of the 128Gb prices (sometimes considerably) where as the 32Gb-and-less show greater value at the larger capacities.

The larger capacities offer fewer connectors, too, so machine-time assemblies are less, reliability should be improved and QC is lessened, too. But those 128 vs 64 prices are still more than double so we’ll see more price reductions before ‘value levels’ are hit.

Thanks for this update.

8 X 8 (64) 16384Mbit chips.

Samsung updated 840 EVO prices both in domestic South Korea and overseas markets. The US retailer now sells 840 EVO 1TB for US$600. That’s still not exactly cheap, but South Korean price is a little over US$700.

512GB ~ 1TB SSDs:

Samsung Magician ver. 4.2.1 tests. The motherboard has only SATA 300.

CPU: 775-pin Intel Pentium
M/B: Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R
RAM: DDR 2 512MB * 2 (1GB) PC2-4200
SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB SATA
HDD: Seagate 7200-RPM 500GB SATA (2.5-Inch Momentus)
VGA: Pegatron G310 PCI-E
OS: Windows 8.1 Build 9600

Tried Performance Optimization two times (between tests.)

The 1TB Samsung EVO is only 589.00 on Amazon today.

RAPID mode enabled, replaced two 512MB PC2-4200 modules with four 1GB PC2-6400 modules produced in 2007 and 2008.

The slowest 840 EVO drive performs like this on a B85 motherboard with Samsung Magician RAPID Mode on.

I’m hesitating to invest more on 830-840 series drives as I feel the arrival of PCIe and SATA Express generations is imminent. Getting a few more 840 EVO 120GB is alright as it costs just a few hundred dollars, and it may be worthwhile to get a few 840 EVO at’s US$580, but most people would have to import from the US for that price. Samsung lowered prices on 750GB and 1TB versions of 840 EVO without warning before by a few hundred dollars at once. EVO 250’s perhaps the better compromise for now as it doubles some of the speeds.

;)I got a good sale on my EVOs but not a few hundred dollars, I paid 399.99USD for my 750 gb and 550.00USD for my 1TB EVO.:sad:

[QUOTE=alan1476;2705115];)I got a good sale on my EVOs but not a few hundred dollars, I paid 399.99USD for my 750 gb and 550.00USD for my 1TB EVO.:sad:[/QUOTE]

That’s US$8,000 for 20 750GB and US$8,250 for 15 1TB.

Comparison with Seagate 7,200-RPM HDD on B85 motherboard after another Performance Optimization.

RAPID Mode On.