Samsung 830 SSD Review

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The Samsung 830 series of SSDs has become popular with MyCE members, and that is hardly surprising as the Samsung brand name has a huge reputation for reliability, and also for bringing excellent quality products to the market.
One thing that is very different about Samsung SSDs. They don’t rely on anyone else for components, they are all designed and built in-house, and that includes the SSD controller, NAND, and even the SDRAM cache.

Let’s find out how this SSD performs in our range of tests.

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Sorry but can you please, if possible, include the power consumption of this SSD?

[QUOTE=Auzzie Kid;2656266]Sorry but can you please, if possible, include the power consumption of this SSD?[/QUOTE]


It is clearly shown on page 2

The power consumption is listed in the specifications on page two of the review.

The specs say 0.127 watts under load, and 0.078 watts idle.

I don’t have measuring equipment to verify these figures.

Thanks for another excellent review, Dee :flower:

I’ve been looking forward to the day you got your hands on an 830 :smiley:

I’ve been consistently impressed with the speed that it handles all the real world tasks that I need it for in a desktop/laptop drive. Synthetic benchmarks really don’t give you a sense of just what an excellent job Samsung did in tailoring it’s performance to shine as an OS workhorse drive.

Thanks again for taking the time to put my favorite drive through the wringer. My own experience with the drive has caused me to install them in the machines of several friends and family members. Your review has me more confident than ever that I did right by them :bigsmile:.

Thanks for the review.

I notice the Samsung 840 has just been released.

Thanks for the comments, and yep I like the 830 a lot, and it is very fast in the real world.

Yep, I hope to be able to get hold of the 840 soon after launch, which is expected to be mid October.

Since the 830 review sample was actually a laptop kit, I decided to fit it to an Asus laptop which I reviewed at the beginning of the year.

[li]Processor: Intel Sandy Bridge i5 2430M clocked at 2.4GHz (2 core with HT technology)
[/li][li]Turbo 2 frequency: Up to 3GHz
[/li][li]Chipset: Intel Mobile Express HM65
[/li][li]RAM: 6GB of 1333MHz DDR3

For the tests the Samsung 830 was also the system, in fact it was the only drive in the system.

The results are below.
Note: Ignore the typo’s in the screenshots. The chipset was Intel HM65, not H67 as seen in the screenshots.

Great review Wendy, if I didnt have enough SSDs right now, I would probably give this one a shot as it seem to be very reliable and fast. I have noticed that the prices have fallen on other SSDs but have pretty much stayed the same with these esp the 256gb flavor. Newegg had it on sale yesterday for 169.00 but no one else comes about 30USD close to that price.
I think the best thing I like about this SSD ( I learned from your review) that all the parts are made by Samsung, this gives this SSD an advantage. They do not have to depend other companies to complete the SSD. I read that when the 840 does come out in a month or so, it will be 30% more expensive than the 830, that puts it again out of most peoples reach.
Love the review Wendy. :flower:

Thanks for this review of the « older » 830 series !
I have a Samsung SSD 830 with a capacity of 128 GB and your reviews havealways been the best ones to read when I want to understand how to a new piece of technolgy like a burner or here a SSD
Maybee I will have some things to add once I have use my SDD heavily

Thanks again and all the best wishes

Thanks for the comment, franz.
The 830 review sample is still going strong, and has been totally reliable.
It’s still fast as well. :slight_smile: