Samsung 830 256GB SSD $149.99 at Microcenter

First, a thanks to Mike for posting the deal on the 128GB Sammy 830 over at Microcenter which quickly sold out. Hope a few of my friends managed to score one :).

I was looking over there today, and I find an unadvertised “add to cart to see price” with the Samsung 830 256GB. Grab it here :clap:

Yup, a hunerd and a half for that screamin’ Sammy goodness :bigsmile:

Somehow, I think the density price per gb is going to drop by 50% next year… you could see 500-512gb SSD for the same price… this would make a better incentive for many laptops, tablets and desktops to begin using ssd’s… (in this capacity range).

The link says no longer available, but I was at the MicroStation in Cincinnati on Saturday (3 November) and they had about 20 of these available behind the glass case and I was able to buy one for $149.99 + tax.

Sweet :clap:

Based on my experience with the 830’s so far, I suspect you’ll enjoy it.

I can’t imagine looking any farther for a best bang for your buck now that the 830’s are dropping to these prices. With top tier real world speed, proven reliability, and the kind of glitch-free performance that Samsung was able to accomplish by designing, manufacturing and having control over every component of the drive from nand to ram to controller to firmware.