Samsung 816B firmware Backup?

I have two DVD-ROM, the model is SD-816B/MIT, One Firmware is H003,
The Other is H0012, H003 sometime can’t read DVD+RW Disc.
I want to upgrade the firmware to the other of DVD-ROM in H0012,

How should I do ? Thx…

P.S As I know, The Control Chip is MT1358E

Where have you found all these firmwares?

I buy the machine, the firmware version H012 include inside with both, I found the firmware H003 in Internet, I think it is new version then I try to update the one of them. Then I found the problem in the DVD-ROM of my updated. so I want to restore the H003 to the H012, but I have no tools can backup the firmware from the other of the H012. So plz Help!

P.S Only found the tool is MKflash, It is can write firmware to the DVD-ROM,but can’t read

I had to fix the problem, I used the mtkflash 1.8 for DOS Mode, Exec the readout.bat batch file. then backup the firmware from my samsung SD-816B H012 DVD-ROM, The firmware Version Call SD816-B/MIT H012 2003/12, so I think it better than H003, I think it can support much more then H003 for the Disc Media. Provide the firmware to share for someone used the same model.

P.S the firmware also can use the MTKwinflash.exe upgrade the DVD-ROM
The Upload file size of me is 108KByes, The file is more than it, if you want to plz e-Mail to me