Samsung 725 cannot copy to dvd

…i need some advice…want to make one dvd of 7 different short-films…i recorded all 7 dvds on the hard disc (no problem, meaning they are not copy protected…but when i try to record the file with all 7 from the hard disc to a blank dvd, the machine says “can not copy, copy protected”…cannot understand as none of the 7 dvds have copy protection !!..and i need to compile all short-films on one dvd for a festival we are having…please help !!

would appreciate also an answer to

Do all the files add up to more than 4.38 gig? What type of file are these. What file extention do they have (.vob)etc.

files are definitely less than 4.3g/…even if i try to copy from disc a single short film (less than 1g), which was recorded on hard disc (so no protection), it still states “cannot record, copy protected”…do not know what type files…these are amateur films submitted for a festival, most likely shot on a dv camera and submitted to us on dvd…hope you can help, as i am really of kindergarden level when it comes to computers…many thanks…(when i record on hard disc from tv or a vhs cassette, i have NO problem copying on a dvd !!!)
thessaloniki, greece

If you have them on DVD, then you need a PC to rip them and re-author to a new DVD. The recorder won’t do it.

ok…but am still curious to know why this particular recorder will copy a say 10min. dvd on its hard disk but will not copy it later from the disk to another dvd !!! which will do for tv programs !! just does not make sense…they are both on the same disk…thanks so much for taking the time to reply…