Samsung 52X CD-Rom running in PIO4?

I recently added a Samsung SC-152L C100 CD-Rom drive to my aresnal of optical drives and I’m not sure if it is supposed to be detected as a PIO4 device by my bios. What is PIO4? Is it the same as ATA33? Becuase my Lite-On LTD-163D GHR6 and my Lite-On 48125W VS08 are both ATA33 devices. I have DMA enabled in both my BIOS and in Windows (2000 Pro). Will being in PIO4 mode affect the speed of the drive or is that what it is designed to run at? Also if I do On The Fly copying from the PIO4 42X CD-Rom to my ATA33 Lite-on 48X will ti be able to copy on the fly fast enough to burn correctly? Thanks for your input.

pio = Programable input output

it is alot worse thand any dma mode !

Search on thr internet if the drive suports dma, if not try to go in the windows manager (right click on my computer) then go into the ide controlers propetieties and if availeble choose dma xxx for your drive !!!

  1. Check your CDROM drive’s jumper settings for master-slave.

  2. Re enable DMA - Turn it off, restart and then turn it on again.

PIO is slow - turn on DMA for best performance