Samsung 40x (Ritek Type 7)

i’ve burned about 5 discs of Samsung rated 40x and my burner seems to hate it. :a

you can check it here


They have worked fine for me.

No yellow or red sectors.

Which burner do you have 48x or 40x.

If 48x, upgrade to VS08, burning quality is very good with this firmware than VS06.

Try the cheap Princos.

They burn fine.

Just burnt 5 of them. All green sectors, no yellow & red.

i have the sony crx195e1 converted to the 40125W.

princos have way too many C1 errors for me :Z , the best media that’s worked for me are ProDisc!


Why don’t you overclock your converted burner to 48125W & use the VS08 firmware.

This firmware rocks for sure.

Prodisc also works fine for me. Even Riteks, Sony, Ricoh are fine for me.

The Samsung Prodiscs have worked better for me than the Ritek ones. Since the 24X flavor, I’ve stopped using Samsung, though.