Samsung 40x and 48x media don't work with 8X samsung drive



I have a Samsung SW-208F (8x-4x-32x) drive…it refuses to accept any 48x and 40x media - even those manufactured by Samsung. I am a newbie but from what i know, if a media is 40x, then 40x is the max speed it at can handle and there is no lower limit…the drive accpets all media that are 32x and under…is it that since it is 32x maxread speed drive, it can read only blank media upto 32x max speed?? or am i wrong about the “o lower limit” part ??

PLease help!!..this is a problem since 32x media are no longer available where i am at!


media is supposed to be backward compatible. my 8x4x24 yammy takes everything i throw at it (at 8x4x), never had a prob since i learned to (on this model using easycddreator) turn off dma. that’s not your prob though.

it sounds like a firmware prob, if it still writes your older disks as it always did.