Samsung 32GB solid state drive reviewed @bit-tech

I just posted the article Samsung 32GB solid state drive reviewed @bit-tech.

After many announcements, now it is possible to read some details on a solid state drive in the review published at bit-tech.Even if a really interesting alternative to hard disk drives because of…

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After looking at the review, this SSD is not worth the money. I do see SSD’s going into laptops maybe but this isn’t needed for a desktop system.

I think a 4GB SSD would be great for a HTPC. Then it could be networked with a noisy server full of hard drives (and content) located in another room.

Once prices for 120GB model will be at acceptable level (~$300-350) I will buy one even for my desktop. Speed, low power , reliability , low heat … what else I need ?

By the time it gets down to an acceptable level, 120GBs will be nothing for storage. If the SSD market wants to compete with consumer level HDDs, they are going to have to price their drives comparable to other HDDs. 120GBs for me is nothing. i have that much and more in music alone.