Samsung 305T 30" LCD is a GREAT Monitor

I have now a Samsung 305T 30" LCD, after purchase and return of a Dell 30008WFP, which had many color problems and an all the time excess of the Blue channel (in RGB) and want to post about the results.

The Samsung 305T is much less complicated than the Dell, but it is perhaps also less feature rich. But for my needs, simple desktop use and modern PC gaming, it is becoming a GREAT monitor.

Unlike the Dell 3008WFP, the 305T Contrast and Color settings are calibrated by Samsung directly from the factory. The only controls on the monitor are power and adjusting brightness.

You can use the full functions of your video driver (Nvidia drivers allow for much customization) and for most that may be enough. It has been for me. I just plug it in and it works just like I had thought a monitor would.

The Dell 3008WFP had limited resolutions available to it right after plugging it into the machine and booting, lacking 1280x960 and only providing 1600x1200, 1920x1440 and 2560x1600 on the high end.

The Samsung 305T after plugging it in had these all by default:

2560x1600 (Native)



As to see, that is many without having to program anything. If you have “DO NOT SCALE” set in your driver, those resolutions appear as if they were native in that they show 1:1 with black bars of no color around the sides. The resolution is centered and actual pixel size.

The Samsung 305T does not have a scaling chip so may not be right for bluray video watching. For me that is no issue and I have found success with the second monitor I have tried for the 30" form.

I think the Samsung 305T is a good product and though it costs much, for me it is worth the cost. If asked I would recommend the monitor much more than the Dell 3008WFP, which is heavier and bulkier and generates much extra heat than the Samsung 305T.

Having proper color makes a large difference as does the extra desktop space to work in.