Samsung 256GB SSD reads at 200MB a second

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Samsung has announced that it has developed a 2.5 inch 256GB solid state drive that can connect to your computer using the SATA II interface. The drive is able to read, sequentially at…

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What are the random access transfer rates though ? Not great I’d imagine. Hard drives are still much better value and performance.

awesome… the future lies on electronic , not mechanics…

More speed for bloatware :S Lame :r

I’m gonna get the new WD 300GB VelociRaptor. Screw overpriced SSDs. :stuck_out_tongue: DukeNukem… spreading peace and tranquility on CDFreaks since 2004.
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resai is right but until the prices become realistic its going nowhere fast…

160GB per second write speed has to be a typo. It’s probably 160MB/second.
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This seems really cool…and it can all be yours for the small price of like $1000000.

Access times are many times faster than any traditional hard drive. 0.01ms is typical of an SSD. These drives already blow away the WD VelociRaptor, the big downside is the price. That will change though. :wink: