Samsung 24x SH-S243D SATA DVD writer listed on Samsung site

Available for pre-sale at a variety of sites (a quick Google shows most of the sites to be Canadian retailers like NCIX for me), and formally mentioned only on TSST/Samsung’s Korean site, TSST has released its WriteMaster SH-S243D CD/DVD writer.

As is typical for modern DVD burners, this drive is a “Super Multi” burner (meaning it supports all the general consumer DVD writable formats). The read and write speeds sported by the drive remain largely unchanged from the previous 22x TSST drives (the only change being 24x maximum write speed for select single-layer media). To be specific, the drive sports DVD write speeds of [ul]
[li]+R: 24x []+R DL: 16x[/li][li]-R DL: 12x[]+RW: 8x[]-RW: 6x[]-RAM: 12x[/li][/ul]

Maximum read speeds for the various DVD formats remain the same: [ul][li]+R: 16x[]+R DL: 12x[]+RW: 12x[]-RAM: 12x[/ul]Curiously, the specs page for this model, like its 22x predecessors, lists support for DVD+RW DL, with a write speed of 2x and a read speed of 6x.[/li]
The CD-R/RW performance of the drive is left unchanged from its predecessor.[ul][li]-R write: maximum 48x[
]-R maximum read: 40x[]-RW maximum write: 32x[]-RW maximum read: 40x[*]-ROM maximum read: 48x[/ul][/li]
TSST has not touted any increase in the number of disc models supported for overspeeding with this new drive series. Also, as of yet, there is no formal list of disc models and at what speeds they are supported with this drive.

The drive still retains Active OPC to maintain write quality throughout the burn, as well as retains the ability to intelligently determine the safest write speed before actually burning, but like all Samsung models before it is not said to feature a capability to dynamically “learn” media (akin to BenQ’s SolidBurn, LiteOn’s HyperTuning, Plextor’s AutoStrategy).

This model does not feature any laser-etched labeling capabilities (LightScribe, LabelFlash). At this time, TSST does not list a companion model to the 243D that does feature either of these labeling capabilities.

The drive retains SATA 1.5Gb/s and a 2 MB buffer, nothing terribly exciting.

The chipset used in this drive is unknown, and it is unknown whether or not this is a TSSTcorp-designed drive (though it is likely of TSSTcorp design).

All specs retrieved from the TSST Korea site.

So…anyone planning on getting one, or sticking with drives of another make? Any hopes that this drive will restore Samsung’s good name, earned by its SH-S18x & SH-S20x drives and stripped away by the flaws of the SH-223 drives?

Yeah, I hope that too.

fingers crossed

Firmware for the SH-S243D and the SH-S243N (Lightscribe) is listed in the global download center:

Note that you have to use the step-by-step approach, as searching for the model name doesn’t work.

The SH-S243D can be purchased in the United States from NCIXUS:

Personally, I’ll wait until it’s available from NewEgg.