Samsung 232b

i bought a samsung 232b - 32-10-40 - and at the beginning everthing was fine, until the day taht may computer crashed while i was burning a cd. Everytime i try to erase cdrw with Nero, it shows the massage “drive not ready” and cancel the operation, but in fact de drive is erasing de cdrw.
and when i try to burn an image or copy 1:1 with Nero, it cancel the operation : " could not perform end session ", so i cant burn almost anything.
i have already updated the firmware(r301), but there are no changes. does any one know what is this and how can i resolv this problems ???

PS - this is not so dramatic cause if i use alcohol120% it is everthing fine, and with CloneCd the only “error” is that it erases cdrw´s in one second.

  • excuse my bad english -