Samsung 203N Nero 8 how to burn @ 20X?



[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-S203N / TS-H653N. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Thanks for any help you might be able to offer. I notice people are able to burn 16x media @ 20x and I’m wondering how I might set that up? Nero by default shows a speed of 18x. Thanks again, Mike


What type of media do you use ? 18x and 20x burning is allowed only on some “high quality” media like MCC004 and so


Thanks, That must be it then, I’m not using ultra premium discs, I have Verbatim DVD -R 16x currently. I’ll have to check out that media you wrote about. Thanks again, Mike

P.S. could I benefit in any way by updating my firmware? I’m always itching to do stuff like that even though it’s not really necessary, lol


Generally it is always recommended to use the latest firmware (SB02 currently).
Indeed, for Verbatim DVD-R 18x is the maximum allowed speed, however with Verbatim DVD+R 20x is allowed also. However i wouldnt recommend to burn at such speeds otherwise than for testing purposes. IMHO the time gain is not significant enough to sacrifice burning quality


THanks, I think I have Sb01 I don;t remember seeing 2 I’ll look for it however. Thanks, Mike