Samsung 203b/n or pioneer 215

the drive will need to be able to read well enough, to be able to install some apps from cds/dvds.

but mainly, writing. It’ll be burning off alot of DVD-R/+R and DL +Rs, I use verbatim brand only right now.

what drive would better suit my needs?

Hi :slight_smile:
The Samsung is a great drive. Fast (when using max setting for 16x media or COdeKings patched f/w @ lower speeds).
Excellent reader (can scan with CD/DVDSpee reg fix or just use DVDInfoPro)
Excellent with CDR’s.
However the Pioneer DVR-215(D) will give almost as fast (sometimes faster ) burn speeds, with better quality on DVD’s. Both SL & DL.
Not quite as good with CDR’s though.
No scanning.
So looking at your post it has to be the 215(D). :cool:

thanks for the reply.

You put (D) in brackets, I guess theres no real difference between 215 and 215D?

Hi :slight_smile:
Not really.
The 215 will read/write RAM.
215D reads RAM only. (If you look hard you’ll see it is possible to ‘crossflash’).
This voids warranty & if not requiring the RAM write feature isn’t that important.

cheers mate, I guess I’ll pick up a pioneer 215 shortly :).