Samsung 1TB 179.99 Free shipping Newegg

I know this is about what 1Tb drives are going for now. But the free shipping makes this a little more tempting.

The newegg reviews on that drive doesn’t look real promising to me :disagree:
think I’ll have to pass on it myself. :slight_smile:

I’ve had great success with Samsung drives. These are the same people that write negative reviews when they “discover” that a drive has a jumper installed on it to limit it to 150 mode.

i like mine! much faster than my previous wd500G aaks. :slight_smile:

Newegg currently has a 24-hour sale (via newsletter) on the Sammy F1 750 GB for $99 delivered. Also a Seagate 750 at the same price. Seriously considering getting one of these but have to do more research first; only about 5.5 hours left to decide…

here’s an HD Tach scan:

Have they resolved the reliability problem with the 1000GB Samsung Drives?
They either had a high failure rate, or were incredibly popular which made it look like they had a high failure rate.

The 750GB’s had no problems (compared to the expected failure rates).

I bought a 750GB a few weeks ago. Speedy reading … writing is a tad slow though.

I understand that the Seagate (750GB & 1000GB) HDD’s use Perpendicular Recording, which gives higher bit densities, and hence a faster (sustained) read speed. If choosing a 750GB, perhaps the seagate might be a better choice?