Samsung 18X SATA Burner with LS for $50 OTD No Rebates, IDE Ver for $34.99

@ Microcenter

Link has Black Antec P180 Case on sale for $79.99 shipped AR, very nice case, elegant design, I love the inside, with power supply mounted on the bottom for good clearance for excellent internal cooling.


PNY Polaroid 2GB SD card for $29.99 No Rebates


Mac Book with 1.83 Intel Duo Core 2, Yes Core 2 for $1099


thanks for the info on these.

No Problem. I need to buy one since I am on Intel Duo Core Motherboard, only 2 IDE controllers so I have to start switching to SATA burners. And I like SATA better since the SATA cable is a lot smaller, better clearance for internal cooling

Same here - but for now I am content with the two IDE burners I have. But goota think of switching to SATA soon - Any technological advantages of the SATA burner?

is this BM only ?

Why is this never around when I need it…$50 for 18x burner is great

I got one of these from i belive a while back for $32 free shipping its a great burner i ended up buying 2 of them very fast as well

Any Reviews for this drive yet?? The SATA drive

Fry’s Electronic has today Dec. 21 on sale “Samsung” 18X Internal DVD+/-RW retail version for $49.99 no rebate required.

My new E520 from Dell has NO IDE controllers. It has only four SATA controllers.

Who has the SATA Samsung 18X Burner availabe to purchase online store.


Check both:

checked out newegg for user reviews, they dont have the SATA version, the only thing I am worry is the SATA driver problems for optical disk

I cant seem to find it listed for sale anywhere online.

The drive is fairly new, I guess no1 stocked them yet except microcenter

The 553 version by Toshiba is a very fine drive.

Frys has the samsung SATA drive for $78. Samsung and Toshiba are joint venture, should be the same drive which toshiba is the head architecture of the joint venture

This is too expensive to be considered I won’t want to pay $78 for the drive I can buy for even less thatn $30 eventhough is SATA interface.

because you have too many drives already, I have a lot of drives too, just that stupid intel broadwater chip phasing out IDE controllers and every motherboard has to use jcron IDE controller, so it only supports maximum of 2 IDE drives. I have PCI IDE controllers but that will clog-up and over crowded the inside of the case. SATA is a good alternatives or external enclosure

Do you have a link to the SATA drive for Fry’s.


Very odd. Here in Sweden the SATA version of the Samsung costs just $4 more than the standard version. (The prices overall are higher though).