Samsung 183L, do not work what SATA drive does?

I have 3 Samsung SATA 183L drives, of these my failure rate burning TDK disks (which has been my preferred brand for over 14 years since my first 1x burner CD burner ) at 16x is nearly 15% :a , at 12x the failure rate is 8% or so (I must burn the +R’s at 8x), if I using -R instead of +R from TDK I need to burn at 8x to get the error rate down to 8% the max it will burn the 16x -R’s is at 12x, I’m replacing a set of NEC 3550’s that burned clean at 16x 99+% of the time. As these drives suck! I’m looking for what one would suggest as a replacement which will burn at 16x 99% of the time. Please note I can burn upwards of 50 disks a week (so 8% failures means I have to manually scan all 50 disks, that takes as long as the burn does).

AS I said earlier the Drive that I get must be SATA.

As I see it my options are:
Sony NEC Optiarc 18X DVD±R Model AD-7170S-0B
? Plextor Px-755Sa

A very annoyed, never repeat, Samsung customer

I’m sure the problem is with the media, not the Samsungs…

Media quality always changes, almost none media brand stands for constant quality anymore.


You could buy a drive that burns a batch of the TDKs flawlessly, but the next time TDK change their manufacturer, the same drive may burn them badly. To illustrate this point, I have TDK 16x media made by both Moser Baer India and CMC Magnetics. The CMC type burn fine (maybe at reduced speed), but for me the MBI ones don’t burn well :wink:

Just an idea, but before ditching the Samsungs, maybe try a media with more consistency (Verbatim spring to mind). :slight_smile:

If you’re strill intent on switching drives, I’d say the LiteOn or NEC ones should suit.