Samsumg 960 Pro M.2 EVO



Lookie what I found. Its going to be in my computer asap. Its not for sale yet.

Today, Samsung is kicking off their 2016 Global SSD Summit in Seoul, Korea. As anticipated from yesterday’s banners spotted around the halls of the Shilla Hotel in South Korea, Samsung is introducing two new drives, the Samsung 960 PRO and 960 EVO.
Here is a distilled version of the specs, capacities, and prices of the 960 PRO and EVO:
960 PRO

[li]512GB, 1TB, 2TB capacities[/li][li]Sequential: 3.5 GB/s reads / 2.1 GB/s writes[/li][li]4K random (IOPS): 440,000 read / 360,000 write[/li][li]Dynamic Thermal Guard (new version of their overtemperature protection - details below)[/li][li]5 year warranty, endurace peaks at 1.2PBW for the 2TB model[/li][li]512GB model = $329.99 ($0.64/GB)[/li][/ul]
960 EVO

[li]250GB, 500GB, 1TB capacities[/li][li]Sequential: 3.2 GB/s reads / 1.9 GB/s writes (write speed is for TurboWrite SLC cache)[/li][li]4K random (IOPS): 380,000 read / 360,000 write[/li][li]Dynamic Thermal Guard[/li][li]3 year warranty, endurance up to 400TBW for the 1TB model[/li][li]250GB = $129.99 ($0.52/GB)[/li][/ul]