Sam's Club - Verbatim Inkjet CDR 100pk, who makes them?

Anyone happen to know what manufacturer makes the inkjet printable Verbatim CDR’s that are found in Sam’s Club in 100pks? Are they any good?

I mistakenly grabbed a 100pk of the regular Verbatims and they media ID in nero as “Ritek”… for like $19.00 - Since the Microcenter around the corner has Ridata Riteks (wrapped, no spindle) for like 5.00 a 50pk I am bringing these back asap.

Most likely either:

CMC magnetics (Made in Taiwan) (Font where it says “LOCK OPEN” on the spindle will be in Times New Roman)
Prodisc (Made in Taiwan)
Daxon (Made in Malaysia)

It’s very unlikely you will get Super Azo Mitsubishi discs.

Ritek is also another possibiltity for the printed Verbatim CD-Rs.

Micro Center is about the only retail store left in the US where one CAN find Super AZO MCC CD-Rs in the DataLifePlus 50 packs, branded silver matte discs.

For CD, forget about Verbatim, just buy TY CD.

My worst TY CD is better than my best Verbatim CD.

I have Verb DLP AZO (1-16X), Super AZO (1-32X), CMC (52X), Prodisc (52X printable & non-printable), Ritek.

As a professional recording engineer/producer & audio archivist I am all about the TY but I don’t need this kind of quality or cost for what amounts to free handouts _ thus my need for less expensive discs.

Since the quality of branded media varies wildly I was hoping to get some info from people that have actually went out and bought this stuff and used it.

Thanks tho.

For FREE handouts, the Verb printable is good enough, no matter the maker.

But getting back to my initial question: Can anyone that actually has in fact purchased a 100pk of Inkjet printable Verbatim CDR at Sam’s Club speak up for what I may be in for?

Prodisc type 7.