Sample sound CDs - Format problem



I’ve just bought 2nd hand 85 CDs of sample sounds - you know, music clips, clicks, bells, burps all for use in sound editing.

The CDs are data cds but the files do not have extensions.
Am I correct in assuming this meant that they were designed for use on Apple Mac?

I can rename them as wavs and they play fine, except they obviously aren’t actually wavs as Cool Edit refuses to import them and wav->mp3 etc converters refuse to process them.

Has anyone any suggestions as to how to get these sounds into a format where I can do more than just listen?

If helpful I could upload a clip to my webspace so y’all can play around for yourselves.

Incidentally the CD library is the “3DO content library” and if anyone knows where to get the index I will be eternally grateful.:slight_smile:


I saw your post about the 3DO Content Library when I was searching for info on it to help me sell mine on EBay. The files are in AIFF format, a Mac format, if I remember correctly. The index was a CD based program for the Mac that let you search for specific sounds. It was pretty cool. I have the program somewhere but I’m not sure where anymore.


Might be worth a look, not sure if AIFF to WAV is among the free functions though.

Audacity can also handle AIFF

And, of course, there’s SOX