Sammy producing nothing but coasters?

I have a Samsung DVD RW drive, a TSST SHW-163A, TS01 firmware (stock)

the last 3 discs I have tried to burn with this drive, it has made coasters of: 2 Verbatim MCC 004 DVDs and most recently, one CD, probably CMC MAG.

What’s worse, the computer freezes when Nero gets into the Data Verification stage, and any attempt at read testing crashes (or threatens to crash) the test and/or the computer!

I’m planning to change the DVD drive arrangement in my computer because I’m having a number of problems with my current setup anyway so if this drive is worn out (about 2 years old, and subject to enthusiast leve use) it’s not a problem.

But I’m wondering if any of you could help me figure out what happened to it or if there is anything I could do to recover the drive should I try to.

I have attached some scans, all 3 are scans of discs burned in the last 48 hours on my Sammy, some so bad they had to be scanned on a different drive.

I don’t know if updated firmware is available (though it should be…my older model Sammy 162L is up to TS08 now), but have you tried that?

Shouldn’t make a difference as the drive worked perfectly, with this media too, until very recently. But I’ll give it a try.

One thing I have noticed consistently with both the CD and the 2 MCC DVDs, is that the burn quality is fine for the first one/third of the disc, but the last two thirds all have crazy PIF/C2E counts. That much seems to be consistent.

Does this provide any clues?

These discs are all from the same spindle? Or two different spindles?

Does other media act the same way?

In any case, you have nothing to lose by grabbing the latest firmware. :slight_smile:

However, it may very well be possible the drive’s on it’s way out. My beloved LG 4163B started showing the same behaviour with the exact same spindle of T03s that burned beautifully before.

Yes, do some more testing, but happening with both CD and DVD might indicate a mechanical problem. Either replace the drive or, if you’re so inclined, open it up and give it a thourough clean and lube.

@Arachne, yes, the recent problems are with different media, 2 MCC DVDs (another from the same pack burned beautifully on my other drive) and one Memorex CD (can’t get the MID). The scans I posted show this.

Ok, updated to the latest firmware, and I used a CD Lens cleaner (a CD with a brush on it) and so far it seems to be working now.

Now I feel like a complete n00b. Why didn’t I think to do that before posting here :doh:

Update: The drive burned a CD successfully the other day after I gave the drive some TLC, but when it comes to DVDs, it just coastered my last Verbie :frowning: I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m considering taking Cressida’s advice and opening up the drive to give it some cleaning.

having looked at the data sides of the 3 Verbies this drive has coastered (so far) there is visual evidence that it didn’t burn them properly.

There must be a separate laser for CDs and DVDs? If I decide to open up the drive, what should I be looking for?