Sammy is pretty tough!

First off, I used to be slinko, but I managed to screw up my account so that I wasn’t able to get a new password via email… so now I’m slinko2. :confused:

A while back I was switching computer cases and I had my drives spread out on the floor. While reaching for a screwdriver without looking, I managed to dump my toolbox onto the drives. In the toolbox was a large piece of heavy pipe that I use as a cheater bar. This pipe managed to fall right on my Samsung SH-182M leaving a very large dent in the top. To my surprise, it still worked.

Last week I was moving furniture around and managed to ram the arm of a chair into the front of my computer with surprising force, which caused the front bezel of that same poor sammy to break off in a way that even I was able to replace the bezel I couldn’t because there’s nothing to attach it to anymore.

It still works!

Think it might be time retire poor ol sammy though… :slight_smile:

yeah cheater bars are not good on drives. You have been very lucky it still works after all that :iagree: :bigsmile:

This should really have been posted in the Samsung forums instead of the LR :bigsmile:

You could have contacted me…I can merge the two accounts and fix things if you want…PM me with the details of the other user account (registered e-mail address).

That poor, poor Sammy! :sad:

That’s really something though, I’m dead impressed. :clap:

Thanks taxman! I sent you a PM.

Arachne I was pretty impressed too.

Of course I don’t yet know just how well it still works… just that it spins up discs. Soon I will have a scanning drive again, and I will test it. I’m assuming that the pipe falling on it probably had at least SOME effect…

@Slinko - do you want the thread to stay here, or shall I shift it to the Samsung forum as Michael mentioned?

Either is fine with me. :slight_smile:

Whichever is fine with me… I put it here because I figured it was more of a general topic (I did start posting it in the Samsung forum, but then moved to here)

both accounts merged and you are now known by the name “slinko” again, with all posts to your name.

awesome, thanks!

I think it might be time for you to quit moving things around in your computer area.

These things find a way no matter how careful I am. It’s like that movie Final Destination except not so bloody.

If you want to break your sammy … BAM! Give it a kick in the cogs :stuck_out_tongue:
I bet it gives up the data like a big girls blouse :stuck_out_tongue: