Same Vobs, hard drive and burner, different computers , different results

Hi All
Can anyone help with my problem. I use a pioneer 105 burner and an external hard drive for my files. If i burn a dvd from my main computer everything is fine, if i burn from my laptop using the same burner, hard drive and the same vob files I cannot get the dvd to play in a standalone player, although they will play on the pc. The only difference in software is i have nero 5599 on the laptop and 5510 on my main computer. Anyone had the problem or can understand why, im perplexed. Its not the disks as i get the same result with them all
Thanks for any help you can give

Some earlier versions of Nero had a DVD Compliancy issue. This has now been resolved. Try upgrading to the latest version, this may well resolve it.

Thanks very much for your time and touble i will try that next:)