Same song different name

Just recently ive noticed this strange thing happening.
It’s happened twice now.
I think its downloading 2 songs at the same time or one after the other.
When ive downloaded the song id play it and it would be the right song.
Then id play the other one which is a different song of course and its the same song as the first song i played but with a different title and a little bit of a difference in size.
Is this a virus?
Is it the drive getting on a bit?
Bad sectors overwriting?
This is twice its happened now and its getting annoying.
Please help ppl ,cheers.
My worry now is in case all my mp3s that are already on the drive will in future just rnadomly become corrupted.
Say if i accidentally deleted loads of mp3s froma a drive and bought them back off the MFT obviously some would be corrupted but would this cause damage to the sectors at all or would it only be the files themselves whoich r corruopted??

What song is it?

lol well if u really want to know it’s ‘The Stamp Crew - Madness On The Streets’ sounding the same as Reeload - Why (DJ Innocence Vox)

Right on.


I’m on about a music called UK Garage mate, it’s unlikely people get it in the U.S.

LMAO! I have been listening to UK Garage for years bro, over half of my records are from the UK! :iagree:

c’mon man u gotta be joking aint ya??

what garage tracks ya got?

Bro, it’s cool, take my word for it, I’ve been spinnin’ since '92 and heard a load of music through the years.

I was listening to an Artful Dodger mix just yesterday, trust me I know what UK Garage is. :iagree:

Why would I not be able to hear/get my hands on UK Garage records?

I have no reason to lie. :iagree:

Since we have established that, maybe you can help me figure out what this white label I have here is, I got it in Dallas a couple years ago.

WHITE (68.4 KB)

Yep Usual Suspects - Dancehall Queen.
Got on vinyl ill rip it 4 u if u want.
There have been many artists i think usual suspects was the record label.
Cheville Franklin - Dancehall Queen some people even call it dynamite which is what it says on my vinyl of it.
But yeah ill rip it to mp3 if u want and send you??

Was my favourite tune about 5 yrs back.