out of 10 dvd’s I backup to dvd 5 discs 4.7GB most of the time get 8 with no problems, but lately I have been getting the error TCSectorReader

I have the latest versions of anydvd and clone dvd
and Clone DVD

Now it always happens just when the disc is being read. the original disc. It stops at more then 94% before it gives me the error. Always less then 1 min left to burn before it gives me the error.

Now I know it is not my burner for one thing because a lot of other movies I have burned easily with the same program and even with DVD2One

I tried cleaning the discs as well and there are no scratches or smudges (I try to be very careful with my discs).

I always use the best brand name discs I mainly use Memorex DVD-R or + discs and have used Maxell DVD discs as well. I use mainly 4.7GB single sided and sometimes I use 8.5 GB DL single sided as well.

I know it’s also not the programs because I burn other movies fine.

I can rule out it’s not my DVD writer and the programs. I have tried to burn on the lowest and highest speed and doesn’t make any difference. I have also tried to burn on my other computer and still no luck. I am an expert when it comes to burning, but this is a puzzle to me. :confused:

I also tried to copy the dvd to my hard drive and did not work. I got a similar error just like I got with clone DVD.

I am stuck here and if anyone could help then I will kiss you!!! :kiss:

Hello back at you misterjoker,
For starters … your thread title … Same Problem as what? Much Bigger how?

The text & phrasing of your posting is very unclear about whether your problem happens during the reading (ripping) of the original movie disk or during the burning of the backup disk. Please clarify.

What problem movies are you trying to backup? Name the movies, versions and regions please.

What other program are you talking about?? Windows Explorer?

You have been fooled by advertising and packaging. Memorex are the absolute worst blank disks you could buy!! It is a horrible brand name! Maxell is certainly in the top five worst brand names you could buy. Very low manufacuting standards. Quality varies from batch to batch. Very high failure rate, during burning, on both brands. Very poor DVD player compatibility. And the burned disks may fail to play anymore in less than a year. Let the truth set you free … world without end! :rolleyes:

We’ll take you at your word on that …

Give us more information. What is the exact text of the CloneDVD error message? What movie? What burner and firmware version?

If English is not your first language, I must say you are doing pretty well! But we need to get you to communicate more information. We will probably ask you more questions but answering these will be a start.

You better be a girl!


I might be wrong, but sounds to me like it’s a defective DVD or DVD’s, whichever the case may be.

IMHO, I think we need to get way more clarification before we jump in with a bunch of “maybe” answers or “could be” solutions.

You crack me up Whisperer1, :bigsmile:

I use Memorex DVD+R all the time and never have any problems. I do however run no whatever speed I buy at 8X, which probably explains my success. I get my discs at Frys Electronics. Most of the brands you guys use are not avail. there.

What does everyone use? and where do you purchase them?

a lot of people had this problem before, and when trying to slove mine never worked.

okay it happens always during reading of the disc and always at the end of the disc more than 94% (1 min. left). It happens to a few movies I tried to burn in the past. I love lucy show, and some others I can not remember which ones exactly.

I am doing NTSC, I have Clone DVD I used CloneDVD, AnyDVD latest version, but I have used dvd2one before and sometimes gave me that same error as well. burner is BenQ DD DW1625 DVD DL. Firmware I am not sure, but I think latest.

I get error 23 TCSectorReader (and then it said take out disc and clean). I am not quite sure of the exact error. I couldn’t copy what it said.

I do know enlgish well, but I like to use broken english.
no I am a guy.
what else you wanna know? I just want to know what causes the problem and how to fix?

I never had problems with Memorex either, just until recently. Maybe the original movie discs are defective or some protection that any DVD can not burn yet

to anyone who “never had a problem with memorex” you’ve been lucky.

pleae read my post here for an explanation about why memorex media is awful. That link explains why no one here uses memorex and how to go about finding some quality media.

and whisperer, maxell’s aren’t that bad as long as they’re made in japan. Maxell’s own media code has given most people pretty good results. Their made in Taiwan stuff is as unpredictable as memorex though.

Thanks reasonsnotrules,
The Taiwan Maxells are all that is on the shelves here in L.A. (just sitting there, year after year, along with the Memorexs, suckering the people who buy them) and I was not (2+ years ago) allowed to return or exchange the bad media once I learned my backups were flawed or wouldn’t go to burn, or finish a burn, with the original DXC 1.5.2 or the original CloneDVD with my Pioneer or Lite-On burners of that time. I once ordered a sample pack of different media online. The rep told me the Maxell sample disk included in the pack was made Japan. When I recieved the pack, the Maxell was made in Taiwan per my friend who does do all that scanning stuff you always speak so highly of. I buy and standardize on media based on known trust of the brandname to keep selling the same disks. As you have read from me in the past, I don’t want to buy media, take it home and have to scan it just to find out what I actually bought. The decision to make and market quality comes from the top execs and flows down in a trusted company brandname. TY, Verbatim, and Sony -R’s have earned my trust for reliability. Maxell must know about their problem at this point … so why do they keep using the Taiwan manufacturer?! Thus, Maxell made my short list for execution and has never been removed. And I (personally) never recommend them to other posters.

Best regards,

BTW, you and others speak so highly of the BenQ 1640 and it’s booktyping (utility) capabilities that I am thinking about buying the 1650 but can’t find many reviews on the new model’s reliability. I guess I can still find inventory on the 1640 if I look but don’t understand why it has been replaced with the 1650 ie what’s so different or improved that they put out a new model(?)

Getting back on track misterjoker’s to 94% problem.

If the 94% error was during burning, then we can rack that up to bad media since bad media has a higher probability of failing at the outer edges rather than the inner or middle of the blank.

I am inferring that your problem is during the rip although I am still having a bit of a problem interpreting your interchanging of the words reading and burning within the same sentence or paragraph ie:

it happens always during reading of the disc and always at the end of the disc more than 94% (1 min. left). It happens to a few movies I tried to burn in the past
So who knows what causes a stop at 94% during the rip. Since I also infer that this is happening on several movies, I would tend to rule out defects in the original DVD’s and tend to think the problem is one type of the new “sector” or “chapter jump” protection structures. And since you mention 94% on several movies, we should probably rule out surface scratches of dings on the original because how could a flaw be at exactly the same place on several movies?


… I get error 23 TCSectorReader (and then it said take out disc and clean). I am not quite sure of the exact error. I couldn’t copy what it said…
It would sure help if you could pull out the original again and put it into CloneDVD, let it rip and copy down and post the exact text of the error message. If you don’t put media into the burner, it won’t go to burn so you won’t waste a disk doing this. Also, on the last page of CloneDVD, you will get a readout of the firmware version (rev xxx) and model of your burner.


I can agree with the post also.

Here is a valid occurance for all to see.

Second Season… Remington Steele Disk 2 and Disk 3. Brand New Copy Never Used by anyone.

USA bought Florida…

AnyDVD CloneDVD Latest from Slysoft. LightScribe Dual DVD Drive
Speed Set at 4X

Reads disk starting at 3rd episode and stops with the Sector Read Error described by mister joker. Not sure if it is copy protection because does not play well in DVD player.

My conclusion… Bad production of movie on run … brought back to store and conveyed my complaints and was told TBSS. Bought New copy at same store and ran in portable DVD player and found same error. Store Manager gave me credit for both after proof.

What the final solution is that Clone DVD should allow for a skip over this bad sector because that is what it is. Let it be able to be cut from the system if we must.

For all interested. I found that cleaning disk fixes some problems but cleaning with a coat of green toothpaste and leaving a dull tinge gets the disk read and over the hump of the error. Understand…I cleaned the disk and got the error… Used Crest Toothpaste and lightly cleaned disk and created a dull haze on the disk. … System read disk fine… Cleaned disk completely to high shine again and disk read error again…

You figure it out… I got a good copy so I am done…

ps. TBSS means Too Bad So Sadd…

Noticed you are three versions behind in AnyDVD updates. Wonder if that had anything to do with it.

Crest? OK … my trick is very concentrated dishwashing soap but i leave almost no concentrate on the disk after rubbing it in and then washing it off and soft towel drying it very well, then compressed air blasting the lint off. Only improves reading for about a half hour then reverts to ripping glitch… but the half hour is enough to get the rip.

Not sure how close the laser head comes to the disk but I would worry about putting a disk with a wet film of toothpaste into my drive. But when you press the Open button for your drive tray, there is certainly no chance your drive will have bad breath! :disagree: